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What We Do

InterRemedy™ Insurance Services provides stop loss solutions and services for brokers and consultants. As a centralized wholesale marketing resource, we pair all of our cases with the most cost-effective, “A rated” stop loss insurance partner.

We manage the stop loss placement process from start to finish by providing superior stop loss marketing solutions, account management, claims facilitation, premium accounting, and risk management services. Our goal is to provide a flexible and simplified process for brokers and consultants while maximizing profits and favorable results for their clients.

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Our efficient claims facilitation
department helps expedite stop loss reimbursements.


We provide top-tier services
with maximum savings..


Our team of experts provide a
flexible and simplified process for brokers and consultants..


We offer a dedicated Registered
Nurse available full-time to brokers and their clients.

Suite of Services

• Stop loss marketing
• Underwriting review
• Proposal issuance

• Policy issuance
• Disclosure management
• Claims management

• Claims facilitation
• Reimbursement services
• Accounting & administration

• Group captives
• Small group plans
• Insurance carrier auditing
• Risk Management